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Metal Model – Ma Bu (Super Buu) - Handmade 100%

– Product name: Metal Model – Ma Bu (Super Buu)

- Appearance: The product is 100% handmade (limited quantity)

- Material:

Aluminum (also known as Aluminum alloy), is an alloy of Aluminum with other elements such as Copper, Tin, Manganese, Silicon, ... in which the content of Aluminum accounts for a large proportion.
Properties: is a silvery-white metal, good wear resistance, durable, the surface does not blacken, tarnish over time.
- Dimensions:

Height: 120 mm
Length: 50 mm
Width: 80 mm
- Weight: 165g

Information: Ma Bu aka Majin Buu is a villain in the Dragon Ball series. Ma Bu has many different forms, each with a different personality but are collectively known as Majin Buu: Kid Buu – the original and pure form of Majin Buu, Uub - another form of Majin Buu, Pure Majin Buu – Majin Buu's first form when it was shown on television, Majin Buu had defeated the Great Gods Kai so Majin Buu began to divide his form into 2 forms, Fat Majin Buu (later to become the good Majin Buu) and the Skinny Majin Buu (the bad Majin Buu).

- Ordering time: Order time is from 10-14 days.

- Delivery time: From 2-7 days (depending on location).
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