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Our Story


In the warm air of spring 2020, Trung X, a woodwork enthusiast, and Leo, a meticulous man with resins - met at a crafting workshop in Flovida - US. They shared their dream of developing a project of using wood and resin to create magnificent artisan products. And there goes the born of Kibitango.


Start off with 2 individuals, we formed a team of 10 people, each of which is the artisan in his/her field. 1 designer to visualize our ideas, 2 wood crafter to take care of woodworks; 1 resin specialist to control the quality of epoxy resin products; 1 artist and 1 digital illustrator to bring out the most brilliant products; 1 seller to connect us on platforms to reach out to our dear customers.




One casual day when surfing for ideas on social media, the thought of choosing keyboard wrist rest as the superstar product line came to our mind. 

The keyboard wrist rest not only represents our passion for artisan products, but also is ergonomically designed to support your physical health when using mechanical keyboard. According to studies, using wrist rest helps reduce the risk of wrist extension as well as reduced blood flow, therefore creates comfort at the same time protects your palm and wrist.

We tried out numerous different materials of wood (Menghundor wood, samanea saman wood...), resin (domestic resin, Japanese and Korean Resin, UV resin...) to choose the best equation for excellent products. Followingly, we went through strict processes to produce the wrist rest:
  1. Pick the burl wood: Our wood resin wrist rest is made from natural burl wood, so no two products will ever be the same. Our artisans carefully choose the wood that matches the specific wrist rest style and size.
  2. Shaping: We start off by making the bounding frame and pour in some resin base at the perfect ratio.
  3. Beatifying: The artists draw, pour colored resin, add different materials (acrylic, alcohol color, gold flakes...) and techniques... from layers to layers (24-hour rest between each). After the first layer, the wood pieces are set in designed position, and followingly we pour another transculent resin layer to it.
  4. Shaving and polishing: After resting the resin for 24-72 hours, we check the stability and quality of the resin and continue to shaving and polishing process. The product is grind until match the ergonomical design of the qualified wrist rest, and the surface is polished shinningly.
  5. Quality check: We carefully look into every detail of the wrist rest for final refining.
  6. Fulfillment: The products then are final-checked by customer service department, packaged and handovered to delivery partners.

With the dream of being a Utopia for Kibitango, we look forward to being able to contribute to helping our dear customers turn boring into interesting unique workspace, at the same time enhance their productivity and health. We appreciate all your supports much!!!